Richard MACKENZIE-GRAY SCOTT The European Union’s Approach to Trade Restrictions on Cultural Property: A Trendsetter for the Protection of Cultural Property in Other Regions?

19 березня 2017

Джерело: Santander Art and Culture Law Review, 2016, 2/2016 (2), s. 211-236

Автор: Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott, British Institute of International and Comparative Law Charles, London



The protection of cultural property from illegal trade practices is an ongoing issue faced by the international community. In an attempt to combat the various problems at the local, domestic, regional and international levels, various organisation have taken steps to curb the illicit trade in cultural property through the implementation of trade restrictions. This article will assess the developments and shortcomings in this area, focusing on the legal frameworks part of the European Union, the Organization of American States and the African Union. The article provides a concise overview of the key initiatives in this area undertaken by these regional organisations and the broader international community, before concluding that the way forward in combating the illegal trade of cultural property is to learn from – and enhance – the methods employed by each respective organisation.


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